The Future of Food

by Alexander on June 12, 2011

This video literally changed my life when I first saw it.
After watching the Future of Food I decided I could no longer sit on the side lines and let the corporate monsters (Monsanto, etc.) destroy our world in the name of greed.

I took action… I put my, at the time, 21 years of knowledge into a book, Better Living With Whole Foods… and have dedicated my life to helping people move towards vibrant health by making educated choices and voting with their dollars every time they visit a Farmer’s Market or place a food item in their grocery cart.

I hope you enjoy this movie as much as I have.
BTW: This is the full length version of the movie. :-)

Let me know what you think.
I’m anxious to here you thoughts on the Future of Food.

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Peace & veggies,

Alexander Morentin
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The Non-GMO Project

by Alexander on June 2, 2011

The Non GMO project is a new agency that certifies foods as being Non-GMO. Watch the video for full details. :-)

Go to their website for more info: Non GMO project

Thanks! Have a beautiful day! :-)

Alexander Morentin

10 Quick Nutrition Tips

by Alexander on May 11, 2011

10 Quick Nutrition Tips You Need to Follow:

Hey there, hope you’re doing awesome! :-)

Today, I’m going to give you 10 nutrition tips you can incorporate
into your daily routine to help you achieve weight loss and fitness

If you follow these tips the majority of the time you will be well
on your way to vibrant health and a smaller waistline.

Tip #1: Do It In The Raw

It is best to eat a minimum of 51% of your foods in their raw state.
Raw foods contain all of the vital nutrients your body needs to
achieve vibrant health and longevity. Cooking tends to destroy
the enzymes that raw foods contain, as well as denature the delicate
proteins, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that are essential
to your health.

Tip #2: Beware The White Devils

If all you did was cut out all the “white devils” in your diet
you’d be WAY ahead of the game. This means no white bread, white
sugar, white salt, white rice, pasta, etc.

Tip #3: Gluten Free Is The Way To Be

After working with thousands of clients it’s become apparent
that most people have a gluten intolerance that they don’t
even know about. When they cut gluten out of their diet, their
lives completely change… for the better. More energy, joint
pain and muscle aches disappear, and…
It becomes much much easier to lose weight and inches; especially
those last few pounds around the midsection.

Tip #4: Pay Attention

Pay attention to your body. Eat when you’re body is hungry and
not for emotional reasons. And, eat until you are satisfied and
not over full. Doing this is key to achieving weight loss and
fitness success. :-)

Tip #5: Eating Breakfast

Eating a healthy breakfast sets the tone for the rest of the day.
It’s been proven that people are more successful losing weight
when they eat a healthy breakfast. Green smoothies are the perfect
way to start the day. They are packed with nutrition and are very
easy for your body to digest.

Tip #6: Be Wary Of Dairy

Most of the dairy available is toxic to your body. And, there are
better ways to get the calcium and other nutrients found in dairy.
Most dairy, especially cheese, sabotages your weight loss and
fitness efforts.

Tip #7: How Much Meat Do You Need?

I have not eaten meat in over 8 years because of what the meat
available to us does to our bodies. I’m not asking you to be a
vegetarian or vegan like me, but it would be very good for you
to become a “flexitarian”. A flexitarian eats a mainly plant
based diet with the addition of “healthy” meats a few times per

Tip #8: Your Mother Was Right

Eat more veggies. Vegetables are nutrition powerhouses. And,
they are naturally lower in calories than other foods. Be
colorful in your selection of vegetables. Variety is best.

Tip #9: It’s NOT About Calories Or Counting Points

It’s about controlling insulin levels and eating high quality food,
which are nutrient-dense in nature. Do you really believe that
someone who drank 2,000 calories of Coca-Cola, chips, and bagels
per day would look like another person who consumed 2,000 calories
of fresh vegetables, lean protein, healthy fats, and low-glycemic
carbs? I think not.

Tip #10: Don’t Diet

If dieting to you means doing something drastic for 3-4 weeks and
then just going back to eating how you used to, you need to start
with a shift in your mindset first… True health benefits and fat
loss can only be maintained through healthy lifestyle change. Begin
to look at eating healthier as something positive you’re doing for
yourself – not what you’re depriving yourself of.

For information on how to incorporate these tips into your every day
life and achieve weight loss and fitness success go to:

Committed to your success,

Alexander Morentin
My Fit Life


29 Simple Ways to Get Healthy and Fit

by Alexander on April 24, 2011

Far too often fitness is presented as complicated and confusing.

Nothing could be farther from the truth.

Being fit comes from living the following simple everyday practices:

  1. Throw out your big dinner plates. Using small plates at home effortlessly reduces calorie intake and promotes weight loss.
  2. Make exercise a regular part of your life. Create a network of accountability with workout partners or by working with me, your local fitness expert.
  3. Know what you want to accomplish. Visualize the end result of your hard work.
  4. Believe in you. I know that you CAN accomplish your goals.
  5. Don’t be a wimp. Keep the intensity high during your workouts. Remember that you don’t want to kill time; you want to burn calories and strengthen your body through intense exercise.
  6. Drink water all day long.
  7. Know when to ask for help.
  8. Incorporate High Intensity Interval Training into your routine by doing bursts of high intensity rather than exercising at a single steady pace.
  9. Maintain your metabolism by eating a healthy snack or meal every three hours. This food should be unprocessed, low in fat and high in fiber.
  10. Forget will-power; it’s about WANT-power. How badly do you want it.
  11. Never eat processed foods. These items are high in empty calories and contain a plethora of chemicals that are harmful to your health.
  12. Fat contains twice the caloric density of carbohydrates and protein, so limit the amount of it that you eat. Fill your diet with lean protein and carbohydrates from leafy plants and whole grains.
  13. It’s OK to be a skeptic. Watch out for products that are labeled as ‘health food’. Always read the nutrition labels and make your own informed opinion.
  14. Talk is cheap. Act now and get the job done.
  15. Exercise with people that are in better shape than you. This will encourage you to push your limits.
  16. Never indulge in negative self-talk.
  17. Don’t drink calories.
  18. Pay attention to everything that you eat.
  19. Keep consistent. Exercise at least three or four times each week.
  20. Expect more from yourself.
  21. Never eat High Fructose Corn Syrup. It spikes your blood sugar levels and encourages your body to store fat.
  22. Eat plenty of whole plant foods. Vegetables, fruits and whole grains are filled with fiber and antioxidants, great for good health and weight loss.
  23. Do your cardiovascular exercise after weight training to encourage more fat burn. Your stored sugars will be depleted during the weight training then your body will rely on fat stores to get you through the cardio workout.
  24. Breakfast should be a balance of carbohydrates, protein and fat to get your metabolism going strong.
  25. If you know that you deserve better…then go get it.
  26. Challenge yourself during each workout. Try something new and exciting.
  27. Set specific, measurable goals and track your progress.
  28. Even if they are whole grain, eat carbohydrates sparingly. Carbohydrates are quickly stored as fat.
  29. Put an end to your struggle to get and stay fit. Call or email me today to get started on a proven fitness program that will change your life and body forever.

Print this list and place it somewhere that you’ll see every day.

Peace & Veggies,

Alexander Morentin
Orange County Boot Camps

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